Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finished Felted Bag (finally)

When we get to this time of year I always get BIG plans to make all sorts of goodies for my family. I finished this bag off last night after having to rip the lining out twice and learning that sometimes it really IS important to pay attention...and only do One Thing At A Time. A very good lesson for me. ;-)I wanted the zipper tucked nicely between the bag and the lining and am pleased with the way it turned out (on my third try). There was a moment there, when the second attempt at sewing in the zipper resulted in a crooked, off-centre closure, that the thought - my mom will like it no matter how it turns out just like I love everything that my boys make for me because they've made it with love - went through my head. ;-0 That in itself can be comforting when things are not going the way I envision. But in the end, it all turned out well.And now I've only one sole left to finish on my Dad's slippers and then E's art tote. Those are the rest of the must-do gifts. Then if there is still time....well, I've got loads of great ideas...and lots of thrifted fabric. ;-)


Penelope said...

It's lovely!

I really need to learn how to do more than purl ;)

Tara said...

This came out just beautifully. I bet she will be thrilled to receive it as a gift.
I hear you loud and clear on the mindfulness issue! Good luck with everything. I hope you are able to finish your gifts without stress.

Mary-Sue said...

wow, H. what a lucky mum you have! gorgeous.

Katherine said...

Well done! You're mom is going to love your beautiful handmade gift.

sigh...seeing your pretty fabric finds makes me realize just how I miss the thrift stores there for the sewing delights. I haven't yet found the thrift store that has such stuff here in the big city.