Thursday, April 3, 2008


On Tuesday I got to pick some nettle with a friend. I normally have to buy nettle and so this was quite a treat to just be able to go out and pick it; it's even better to pick while chatting with good company. Yesterday I set it up in the solar dryer and left it to dry. When it is done, I will pop it in a glass jar, and every time I use it for tea, I will think of a enjoyable day spent outdoors with friends.
Did you know that nettle pizza is delicious too? (Thanks Karen) There are just so many fantastic uses for "weeds". This year I plan to find new ways to use even more of them.


Joanne said...

Hi Heather!
I nominated you for a Blogging with a Purpose award. Check it out here:

Joanne said...

Tee hee...oops...not only did I nominate you... I awarded it to you ;)