Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oooh, pretty!!

Ever notice how at this time of year, every single little bit of green showing through the earth is a Big Deal? I know that in just another month I will start to be all, "oh ho-hum" about the flowers in my gardens...but that's not for another month. In the meantime, I shall bore everyone silly with far too many pictures of tiny little shoots and buds. :-)Love the stripes on that crocus. Peony shoots.Lupins, Lupins, Lupins. What to do with so many Lupins. My problem is that I always let them go to see. I always figure that for sure people will want loads of Lupin seeds...but then they spread all over my gardens.The first year we had these, I thought that they smell was so horrid when they were this size - just like skunk. When I saw what they grew into, I quickly decided that I could deal with the skunky smell quite easily. Here is what they will look like in a few months, and when the flowers are fully open they are just stunning.
And just one more...ooooh, pretty!

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Anonymous said...

The crocus are adorable. I love the striped ones.