Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well...things have been a little...erm...hectic around here and it seems it has been some time since I've visited here.  Thank you to those people who emailed me and offered such kind thoughts and compliments, I do appreciate it!  This weekend, life seemed to get a little more on track (something to do with three days at home?) and we had plenty of time for enjoying lots of family visiting, walks, a hike (with some geocaching), work in the yard and, of course, egg dyeing.  This year, thanks to my visiting sister-in-law, we had the opportunity to dye duck eggs and E even got to do a goose egg.
The eggs picked up the colours brilliantly and it was extra fun to get to dye them with Auntie C.
E was pleased with his goose egg, he wanted to do one similar to his favourite one from last year.
Of course there were chocolate eggs - inside and...
Egg hunts can offer such a great lesson - you'll always find something good if you're willing to look. ;-)

Quite a lot of time lately has been spent at the market garden, if you're at all interested in following along with us as we make our way through our first year of market gardening you can see what we've been up to here.  It's a new website that W put together for us and I'm planning on catching things up there too as soon as possible.


cathy@home said...

We also had an egg hunt yesterday, just been in the garden and I found a couple more.

daisy said...

Glad to see you're back! Enjoy all that keeps you so busy!

reginascottage said...

hello heather,
i wish you a happy easter!!!
love regina

The Finicky Farmer said...

Hi Heather,

I, too, am delighted that you're back. I hope that things have been a good kind of hectic!

The eggs are dyed such luscious colors -- what a wonderful way in which to bright up the start of another week.

erin said...

duck eggs, goose eggs, oh my! such easter goodness and i LOVE how the scaly goose egg colored up. a work of art!

so glad to hear you have been away and filling your heart and soul with all things green and growing. i imagine you out there, digging, seeding, weeding, planning and shining from the inside out. may all of these luscious spring days dazzle your senses as you create your vision and market garden. you are missed but don't change a thing. really, i have so little time to read blogs right now, it's good you're writing less, lol. i meant that in the best of ways!

happy easter, belatedly and happy spring-ing :) xo

Jacqueline said...

I checked out the new website.. It's wonderful! Wow! You are a busy woman! I will be checking back on that site and blog often. Can't wait to see a farm stand under the big willow:-) Happy planting and happy spring!

higglepea home ed said...

Wonderfully inspiring. So much so I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. x

wall art said...

When I was your we used to paint eggs for Easter egg hunt. We, family, find it very enjoyable and serves as our bonding moments.