Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quinoa Cakes and Mushroom Ragout

Last week I made the quinoa cakes I was wanting to try.  When I saw the recipe I had never heard of quinoa cakes but after googling it I see there are all kinds of variations so we will be trying this out in a few different ways.
Once breaded and chilled they crisp up nicely in a cast iron fry pan.
I decided to serve them with the mushroom ragout recipe from Joy of Cooking : All About Vegetarian cookbook (these mushrooms are delicious on soft polenta and I thought they might be nice with the quinoa cakes too).
I carefully finished cooking the cakes and carefully put them on our plates with some mushrooms on the side.  Once at the table I sat down and watch in amazement as my husband calmly m a s h e d his cakes up, mixed them with the mushrooms and contentedly ate it all up.  E did the same.  Next time W and I will get nicely shaped cakes and they will get quinoa scramble!
Still, they were eaten up with no complaints about quinoa so that is a good sign.  I think next time I will try making them with some spinach, scallions, garlic and feta mixed in.  I could see these being good in pitas in place of falafel too.
This is a photo of the mushroom ragout over some polenta that W made, this was serious comfort food to me.  If you love mushrooms then this recipe is a must try.


Laeli said...

I could have taken that last photo,we often have polenta with mushroom ragu and it looks just like that. YUM!
I love the idea of Quinoa cakes, I'll have to try that next time I get the craving.What a cool idea!
We get these huge baskets of mixed mushrooms at the farmer's market,they are so fun to use in these hardy,comfy recipes. I always feel like an Earth Mother:)

Anonymous said...

You had me at mushroom ragout! I LOVE mushrooms and I can't believe i've never heard of mushroom ragout, so thanks for sharing the link to the recipe. I'm getting groceries tomorrow and I'll have to make it asap or I'll just keep craving it. It looks amazing, and sounds even more perfect with the quinoa cakes! Don't you love how versatile quinoa is!?!

daisy g said...

I never thought to "bread" quinoa and panfry it! Gotta try that for my lil' guy!
I could see adding white fish to it to make fishcakes.

That polenta looks yummy! I just polished off the last of my batch!
Thanks for sharing!