Thursday, April 28, 2011

This is a Test!

I am testing myself.  I am a person who tends to take on too much at times.  I love to make things, fix things, grow things and do things.  The last few years I have been challenging myself to slow down a bit.  And ooooh, is it ever tricky for me.  So...I am testing myself.  When we moved here I found an apricot tree -a very sadly neglected but still living apricot tree - down the bank amidst some dead apricot trees and, what looks like, some plum trees.  Here is my challenge - I am going to see if I can leave this tree well enough alone.  No pruning.  No mulching.  Not even going to pick off the old mummies (even though I KNOW they are harbouring brown rot fungus which I used to oh so painstakingly pick off my old tree!  Horrors!!).  No, none of that.  I am only going to enjoy whatever fruit it gives us just as I have enjoyed the beautiful blossoms it is giving us right now.  So delicate and beautiful.

Now...why couldn't I have issued myself the same challenge for the wallpaper in the bedroom?  That is definitely something that should have been left well enough alone.


daisy g said...

Heather-I know just what you mean! Those blossoms are gorgeous!

sheepish said...

Yikes. That is a test....I am living right along with you as my instinct as well is to jump in and help out the tree. You see, I am also one who tends to try to do too much.
Good luck. You have my support and encouragement to let sleeping apricot trees lie.

cargillwitch said...

sitting still, I believe for mothers is close to impossible.I often push myself to the point of collapse and question why the drive to be a human doing instead of a human being.
I will put money the tree bearing fruit! all by it's lonesome

cathy@home said...

Good luck on slowing down and letting nature be the gardener that's what I am trying to do in my flower bed I love flowers that reseed.

Erin said...

I love what Cathy said above, "letting nature be the gardener" ideal very much a part of permaculture, I think.

Slow, patient, under-achieving (intentionally), and taking the path less travelled as mamas is not what we are encouraged to do/be. Society and the mainstream try to create disillusionment with that...I get stressed each time I glance at a magazine rack of women's publications...the the articles in bold lettering pressuring us to conform, succeed, spend, achieve, be more, be better, be faster, sexier...gah!

Thank you for continuing to shine a light on this valuable awareness, that we may be inspired by you!

May you enjoy apricots in July aplenty:)


Mimi and Anna said...

Sorry, Heather, I'm going to have to be the one to say "just do it!" You are so lucky to have that beautiful old apricot tree - pick off those mummies and give it the nurturing it has been lacking. You'll both be happier for it. I think it would have been much easier to leave the wallpaper than this tree. At least the tree will thank you with yummy apricots!

p.s. Maybe I take on too much at times, also. :)

Mama Said No said...

I hope you pass the test--I am also one of those who takes on way too much, and it makes my husband nuts.

I'm pullin' for you!