Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute....

We're enjoying spending yesterday and today finishing  up a few odds and ends.  Yesterday we made our gingerbread people for decorating.  Last year we decided to borrow this tradition from friends - each year they decorate gingerbread people for each person spending the holidays with them - then we decorated them ahead of time (the boys couldn't wait) but this year we will decorate them once all our company is here tomorrow.
The boys finished their woodwork gift projects and I finished a few last minute things -a knitted hat out of Buffalo wool.
And these fun hair elastics - they're made from self cover buttons that I found at the thrift store and bits of fabric from my scrap bag.
This one is my favourite because it is made from some fabric that was in my mom's stash of fabrics from when I was little.  I definitely want to make more of these.
Today all we need to do is wrap, make shortbread and prepare some beds for company coming today and tomorrow.  I might need to dig through my scrap bags to find more fabric for wrapping as I seem to have used most of my cloth bags already and will either need to make a few more or, if I run out of time...
wrap more in furoshiki like this (now I wish I'd bought more square scarves last time I was thrifting).
And...we still have plenty of time for walks and sledding in the fresh, new snow we received yesterday.  Not to mention plenty of time for hot tea and cookies too.
Wishing you joy, fun and love, as well as quiet time for tea and cookies.


sheepish said...

Sounds like you have all the bases covered! And with time to spare...isn't it great when everything works out as it should?!
Enjoy the holidays.

Erin said...

That will be a lovely hat. I love its' thickness and chunkiness, so ultra-cozy! I'm glad you are winding down in such a relaxed way. Each year I come to savour what I can easily let go of. I usually have an impossible list of "extras" and each year I receive peace when I consciously let go of what isn't naturally fitting in to our rhythm. It's becoming a practise in a mindfulness about holidays and expectations and perfection. Instead I'm enjoying following the boys' lead, they'd much rather be home cutting tissue snowflakes and baking and wrapping, with Vince Guaraldi and Charlie Brown playing in the background, than out in the traffic or crowded shops!! Such brilliant people our boys are.

Happy happy Holidays to you and yours Heather! May your days ahead be shiny and bright. xoxo


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I love the look of the cloth wrapped gifts under the tree! Merry Christmas.

tansy said...

the temptation to peek would be too big for my kids with the fabric wrappings...but i love the idea of it! right now, i use recycled packing paper from supplies for my business.

daisy g said...

Thos button covers are adorable! Love it when stuff gets repurposed!
Happy holidays and enjoy your company!

sheila said...

Ho ho ho! This is Santa making the rounds. A Merry Christmas to you, Heather, and a Happy New Year! You've been very good so there'll be an extra Colin Firth in your Christmas stocking this year.

Ho ho ho!

Country Girl said...

I recently came across your blog and must say I LOVE it! Love all you do and what your about!