Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crusty Portuguese-American Yeasted Cornbread and...Coyotes.

Crusty Portuguese-American Yeasted Cornbread
A few days ago I thought I would try two more recipes from Kneadlessly Simple, I chose the recipe for Crusty Portuguese-American Yeasted Cornbread (because it sounded too good not to try) and San Francisco-style Sourdough bread (this time made with yogurt and vinegar because I've just started the sourdough starter recipe from the book).  I baked the cornbread one after dinner and we ate half of it for a bedtime snack, the rest we saved to eat with our dinner the next night - it's delicious with chili.  I'm so delighted with how well these breads turn out and how simple they are to make.  I'm looking forward to tasting the sourdough loaf, it is waiting in the fridge to be baked with tonight's dinner. My  sourdough starter will be ready to test in a week and I'm looking forward to loaves of bread that remind me of a long ago trip to San Francisco when S and I were newly married.
Crusty Portuguese-American Yeasted Cornbread
On Saturday morning E, our spotter of all things animal (if there is a creature of any kind in range he will spot it), vegetable (he is always the first to find the wild berries), and mineral (beautiful stones and...coin - if there is money on the ground he Will see it) noticed a coyote outside.  We  all looked outside and saw three of them.  We watched them for awhile and then, it seemed, they left.  Later that morning we let one of our cats out and, after a bit, I noticed that she was crouching on the deck in her "stalking" position.  I looked out and we saw the coyotes again, one of them was just below the deck staring up at us (or more likely, her).
I opened the patio door and she zipped in the house, still down low to the ground.  She raced through the living room, up the stairs to our bedroom where I thought she went under the bed.  When I looked up I spotted her here...
Safe at last!
high up on the window ledge of the highest window - watching the coyotes from a safe spot.


Anonymous said...

Heather, being of Portuguese descent I make this bread regularly...SO mouthwatering... with a couple lashes of butter... and some wine,Mmmmmmm.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Mmmmm...I will have to try this! I just posted this evening about some no knead sourdough recipes I have tried from Breadtopia. There's just somethin' about sourdough, eh?

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Poor kitty! She was probably scared to death! Glad she made it in safely and in the knick of time!

cmarie said...

Your kitty is very fortunate to live to tell the story. Coyotes even come into the city suburbs around here becasue loose cats are an easy and delicious meal for them! Your bread looks fantastic!

Mary-Sue said...

COOL! what a fun adventurous life you live up there!!!

Erin said...

Heather, I'm so glad your kitty is okay. I have no doubt the coyotes would hunt a cat. It is interesting that they were hunting in a real "pack"! I have only ever seen loners out our way, and they are numerous. But they call to each other in the evening in what sounds like great numbers. We were amazed after our recent snowfall just how many tracks they left all around, close to the chickens and our house! Thank goodness we've made it like Fort Knox with no liklihood of being able to dig their way in. The chicken coop, not the house ;-)

Your bread looks scrumptious!!