Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Reasons to Love Preserved Tomatoes

When I preserve my home-grown tomatoes each year I make sure that, along with frozen stewed tomatoes and regular canned tomatoes, I put aside enough for a few batches of tomato passata.  It is such a wonderful thing to have on hand when you want a simple, delicious, no-work kind of homemade dinner.

Just saute some garlic, bay leaves and black pepper in olive oil.  Then add the jar of passata.  It is thin at first but it thickens up wonderfully.  I like to make this in a cast iron fry pan for a few reasons: 1) Cooking acidic foods in cast iron increases the iron content of that food. 2)  The shallow fry pan (as opposed to a pot) allows the sauce to thicken quickly.  3)  Um...I just have a thing about cast iron fry pans and love to use them as often as possible.
Getting nice and thick.  I added some of my dried oregano.
I mix it in with cooked pasta and then serve extra on top of the pasta.  We like it with a sprinkle of fresh romano cheese.  Last night we had it with a delicious Red Kuri squash a generous friend had given to us.
Simple and very delicious.  Not a speck left over.

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