Thursday, February 18, 2010

Men's Rustic Scarf

We still have snow up here in the woods and so I decided I wasn't too late in making S a woolen scarf.  I'd had my eye on the Men's Rustic scarf in Last-minute Knitted Gifts book for sometime and so I set to it the other night. 
This knit up quickly and I was ready to bind off but then decided that I wanted to make the last two colour sections just a little wider than suggested so I went back and redid them adding two extra rows to each colour. I finished binding off this morning and am pleased with how it turned out. 
W agreed to try it on so I could take a photo.
And now it waits on S's chair as a surprise when he gets home. Fun!
And did I mention I used up 3 balls of wool from my stash?  Now...those French Press Slippers use almost 2 skeins per pair...hmmmm.


affectioknit said...


Lisa Anne Baumbach said...

Beautiful scarf! Thanks for your nettle comment on my blog. I also discovered nettle by reading Susun Weed - thankfully because I cannot believe the dramatic change in my energy level. Yahoo!! I have thrown out my pill form supplement and now just drink my daily infusion. I am planning to take a workshop with her this summer since she only lives about an hour from me. Your blog looks like a good one for me. I will definitely take some time to explore it when I can really soak it in. I am especially interested in your gardening skills. Do you grow herbs? So good to meet you via blog land. Lisa of Rosamund

Mary-Sue said...

no no no! put it away for Christmas! truly! you'll be glad you did. i promise!!!

Heather said...

Hi Lisa, glad to hear that nettle had such an effect on your energy levels too. I would love to take a workshop with Susun Weed, that would be wonderful, what fun for you.

I love to garden and do grow loads of herbs. Right now we are in transition - we've sold our home and gardens in order to buy our "forever" home/farm and we are still looking at this point. the meantime I have a small garden here in the woods and learn ever more about the wild plants that grow here. I very much look forward to getting my own huge gardens again...I miss them very much. If you are interested in seeing my old gardens you can find them on this blog if you look back before June of last year.

Mary-Sue said...

and, so? did you leave the scarf out or squirrel it away? and what was the reaction (knowing the answer to question 1 ha ha)???

Chance said...

I love this scarf! I haven't tried a side-to-side scarf yet and the French Press Slippers are wayyyy down in my Rav queue.
Heather, I drink a mixture of nettles, chamomile, and red raspberry for winter health. It's great.
(oh, this is angie from hubby is still signed in!)

Heather said...

Hi Angie, I've just been working on my first pair of French Press Slippers, I hope they turn out as cute as the look online.

Thanks for sharing your tea recipe, I've got a jar of it brewing now as I had those three things on hand.

Heather said...

Yes, you know me...I did give it to him that day, I couldn't wait. He looks great in it.

pham said...

can you show me how to knit this scarf especially the way to mix 2 different colors