Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I've got all sorts of projects on the go right now and so does the rest of my family.  It's a regular Santa's workshop these days.  This scarf is for myself and is another attempt to use up my stash of thrifted yarn - a multi-coloured cotton, a cotton/silk blend and a lovely soft mohair.

This is a gift for my mom (to go with the bookmark and some other goodies).  This is an old favourite blouse of hers which she no longer wears.

I decided to make a pretty rag bag out of it.

It is all done except for some handles.

And these fellahs...there are plenty of these fellahs in progress.  They are pure fun!


affectioknit said...

I love the scarf - it's amazing that you were able to use 3 very different yarns to make something so lovely!

Mary-Sue said...

i love the scarf too. and love making special things for people out of their old clothes that don't fit anymore -- especially for kids out of beloved jammies!
my kids are disturbed by the gingerbread men pics!!

Jain said...

The scarf is truly stunning! Your mom will love her rag bag, for sure. The gingerbread men cracked me up, very clever! How will you use them?

Unknown said...

Oh, they are all great. I love re-using clothes too. And those gingerbread men did make me smile - do tell what your using them for. xxx

Heather said...

Affectioknit, I love the scarf too and was just binding off when I found a whole other ball of the multi-coloured specialty yarn I used (thinking I only had one ball of it so better mix it with others). Now I think I'll rip out the scarf and make a new one with just the multi-colour yarn to really show it off properly. :-(

Heather said...

I love making things out of old clothes too and since we found out that sometimes old clothes end up tossed when donated to thrift stores we are trying to just use up everything ourselves.