Monday, October 26, 2009

Snow Day

This last week we've been enjoying the beauty of being surrounded by Larch trees.  I love the way these trees look at this time of year, they seem so incongruous compared to the rest of the forest, to me anyway .  Their needles are so pretty right now and also so soft.    Each morning we look out the window and the forest seems golden because of the angle of the sun.  Absolutely gorgeous!

And it's a good thing I snapped some photos when I did because Sunday morning there was some serious frost about.

I started a fire as soon as I got up and felt the tiniest bit sorry for the dog as he made his way outside, leaving paw prints in the frost.

We've been spending quite a bit of time lately chopping and stacking wood and preparing for wintertime up here.  This weekend I decided to do some of the chainsawing because I am a bit more efficient at that than I am at chopping. I fear that I'm not very good at chopping with an ax, although it might have more to do with comparison.  My husband is what would be considered an unusally large man and is able to slice through a large log with one whack of the ax and make it look like child's play.  In comparison my efforts look...well, pathetic, really.  But...I'm brilliant at stacking. ;-)

And just as we were finishing up...

the snow started coming down.  And it is still snowing this morning.

So, the boys are out having a their first proper Snow Day of the season. 


Jain said...

Stacking is a very important skill! Hooray for your snow, we're not likely to see any in Ohio for quite some time.

kaat said...

You live in a beautiful place!

I am also quite good at stacking. The chainsaw scares me, though...

Jess said...

my goodness it is so beautiful where you live!