Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Days Are Just Packed

There's just something about this time of year for us...we know that the weather will turn soon and things will naturally slow down so it is as if we want to pack Every Last Drop of Summer Fun into the warm days we have left.  These last three days we -
 Hiked a fantastic hike.
Saw a lot of moose tracks on the hike.  Mama moose prints and baby's prints right beside hers.   This picture is of baby's.
Saw loads and loads of different kinds of mushrooms and will be sure to bring along a mushroom guide next time.
Enjoyed gorgeous views.
Admired just how quickly the landscape can change on an 8km hike from dry, sunny plateaus to wet, shady cooler areas with completely different plants and trees.  Mother Nature is very cool that way.  This is a 55-60km hike and our plan is to hike one section each weekend (if we are in town) this Autumn and then do the whole thing in one go next Spring.  Our family wants to do the West Coast Trail as soon as E is old enough and this will be good practice for the boys on hiking, carrying their own supplies and staying overnight on the trail. (good practice for S and I too, actually)
Watched this fellow heading somewhere in a hurry.
Were very glad we hiked this hike only months after it had been worked on - no bushwacking for us this time.
Stewed a batch of tomatoes for winter use.
Froze some gorgeous garden peppers for winter as well.  (I refuse to buy peppers in the winter time so I love having chopped frozen ones on hand to add to soups and sauces.)
Ate some bannock E decided to make.  Delicious!
Enjoyed dinners made from goodness from the garden (and other people's gardens) knowing that ours is close to frosting made every bite taste even sweeter.
Especially enjoyed what might be our last serving of beans this season, prepared in our favourite way.
There was some biking, some knitting (gifts to get going on) and some more picking and drying of nettle, clover and other wild goodness.
Yesterday we rode on a old train through gorgeous scenery.
And...we enjoyed every bit of all of it!!


Anonymous said...

Stunning scenery Heather and some great kitchen adventures too :)

affectioknit said...

WOW! That's a load of fun!

Leigh said...

Excellent photos. Much enjoyed!