Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Cue Perry Como...

Did you know that song was written in Canada? I actually prefer the Bing Crosby version because it is the one that I am most familiar with but I think it was Perry Como who recorded it first. I love Christmas carols and can't imagine this time of year without them. We've been enjoying listening to some favourites the last few days. Whenever I hear Burl Ives I can't help but remember watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer while I was growing up; remember that Burl narrated as Sam the Snowman?

I actually had a Burl Ives album when I was little (Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck, I think - oh my, you can listen to samples of that album on amazon - love it!) and am very fond of his voice. Silver and Gold brings back all sorts of good Christmasy memories. One of my favourite quotes is from a Burl Ives' song - As you go through life make this your goal, watch the donut not the hole. ;-) Brilliant advice! I also remember watching Frosty the Snowman while I was growing up. Remember that? Oh, how I cried every year when Frosty melted - yes, I did know that he would be fine but still...

I've been enjoying putting out a few decorations here and there over the last few days. This summer S built a planter box up front for me (I've always wanted one) and I so enjoyed filling it with greenery (given to me by a generous friend) last weekend. We collected some pine cones to add to it. It is such fun getting out holiday decorations each year - they feel like old friends that we haven't seen for awhile. This weekend we will head out into the hills to cut a tree.

Truth time - who else loves listening to The Muppet's Christmas CD? Oh c'mon, just admit it. We all love Miss Piggy's bu dum dum dump. ;-) Love animal too. I think we will watch the Muppet's Christmas show this weekend.

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