Sunday, November 30, 2008

Actual finished project

I have this tendency to start projects (especially knitting projects) and then my enthusiasm (or amount of free time) dwindles and I move onto something else without finishing the first project. It seems that the motivation that comes from making something for a gift helps me to complete things. I finished off the child-size artist tote - plain strap, buttons on the strap for an added decoration and an acorn for a finishing detail on the front (that's my favourite bit). I finished knitting one pair of felted clogs and just need to do another pair before I felt them both. My next project is a felted eyeglass case and a felted make-up bag. A friend showed me a bag that she made and then embellished with incredibly beautiful needle felted flowers and so I want to do something similar on an eyeglass case and bag for my mom. I dug out some wool that I've had waiting patiently in my thrifted yarn stash and got started last night. Good thing I had my yarn winder handy so that I could wind the skein into a ball. ;-0


Penelope said...

What a great bag! LOVE the acorn button!

I tagged you over at my pressure though!

Katherine said...

That's a high tech yarn winder you have, Heather! LOL

Love the acorn as an embellishment for your lovely tote.