Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A bit of Veggie Garden Tour

I spent most of yesterday in the garden. It was a lovely day. So lovely that I plan to do the same thing again today.
The pole beans are climbing.
The peas are starting to plump up. The eggplants are blooming.
The Egyptian walking onions are....walking?? Now what do I do with them? The carrots are being eaten by little boys.
These carrots are all from your seeds, Andrea.
The apples are growing and, thankfully, not getting eaten yet by a little boy.

And the poppies are about to burst into bloom and then before I know it there will be loads of poppy seeds to be used in muffins, cookies, crackers and saved for friends.

And lest you think that gardening is all bliss, tomorrow I will tell you about the dark side of gardening - Flea beetles.


Andrea said...

Oh so cool! my carrots are still wee sprouts yet. The original carrots were 'purple dragon carrots' from Cook's Kitchen.

Samantha said...

Your garden is amazing Heather! I can't believe how big everything is already. You must use magic compost :-)