Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fresh from....the freezer?

Last Summer we picked and froze a lot of corn. I have always cut it off the cob to freeze it but last year I thought I would try freezing a dozen right on the cob, just to see if they would taste good. (I love corn on the cob - my mom likes to tell a story of me at two sneaking off behind the camper to eat the cold leftover corn out of the cooler.) Well, we decided to try some the other day. They looked lovely, the taste was actually very good...but the texture was disappointing to me. It seemed somehow watery, not crisp. So, even though E quite liked it (he has my corn loving genes), I don't think I would use the freezer space to do this again. I will stick with cutting it off the cob because the texture is much better that way.
Still, we enjoyed it well enough, especially with a curry (somewhat modified) from John Bishop's cookbook Fresh.


Samantha said...

It sure looks yummy! Has me craving corn for sure - but not enough to wish it was fall ;-)

denise said...

I love your blog. And that header? Now THAT is a garden! :)

this is my patch said...

Yummy, we both love corn on the cob, with melted butter and black pepper. I haven't a large enough plot to grow it. x