Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Very Good Day

My day started off with a library book sale, which is just a cool way to start the weekend anyway, but to find loads of gardening books for $1 each, well, need I say more? (they aren't all for me - I actually bought two copies of Roses Love Garlic, and two other books that I already own because I know other people who want them. Sleeping With A Sunflower is turning out to be a very good read ) Then we were off to Seedy Saturday, where I not only get some seeds from a local organic farm but also got to have a short visit with 3 friends.
Look how well-behaved I was, I only bought a few packages of seeds. OK, they actually didn't have most of what was on my list so I have to phone them tomorrow and they will send me the rest. ;-0 Some of the tomato varieties that I was able to get: Striped German Beefsteak, Scinocca Plum, Franchi Italian Red Pear.

Home to snarf down lunch so that I could get out and plant some garlic (which my new-to-me gardening book assured me would be fine to do even this late in the game). E started emptying another compost bin and shovelling compost into the wheelbarrow for me, while I worked on tidying more beds and adding more compost to them. Then S and I raked out the pathways between the beds in prep for new mulch. S and W loaded up the truck with prunings and non-compostables to take them to the yard waste collection at the dump. We ended the day with homemade pizza and some quiet time to read. That is my idea of a very good day.

**Note to self: make the pizza dough in the morning from now on so that you don't have to come in from gardening and scrub up to make the dough in time for dinner.
And here you can see just one of the many reasons why we are not a family who should have tracks, these will be a regular thing until the soil in the garden dries out more.


Samantha said...

I was so thankful to have the guidence of experienced gardeners on my first Seedy Saturday. I wish I would have gone in a little more prepared (like some idea of what I wanted!). It was a relief to see some friendly, familiar faces in the crowd or else it would have been more overwhelming! Next year I'll be a seasoned pro ;-)

Great books too!! You have a gift :-)

Amanda said...

Seedy Saturday and the Library Sale in one day. Does life get any better than that? Looks like you found some great treasures at the sale.