Friday, March 7, 2008

Thinking about Summer?

Yes, yes, I know. It isn't even Spring yet, and here I am thinking about Summer. I'm not really, I am soooo enjoying Spring. I think it might actually be my favourite season (although if you ask me that question in the Summer, the answer will certainly be Summer). Spring is so exciting and magical though, with everything showing signs of life, the sun shining its warm rays on us, birds singing in the morning, so much to do in the garden, but also time in the evenings to relax because it still gets dark (and cold) early in the eve. I love it. But the reason my mind strayed to the Summer is because that is when we eat outdoors. And I am dreaming of the new table that S is making for us. For years we had a huge stack of wood taking up a lot of space in our garage as we waited for it to dry. He has had it planed and will be making us a new kitchen table with these planks, and then with some of the other planks he will make us an outdoor table. I love Summer evenings, eating meals from the garden, and enjoying the beauty of the plants in our flower gardens.
Can't you just picture it ?


Mary-Sue said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I can picture it, yes I can! Maybe some candles in canning jars hanging from the tree above? mmmmm
We get to eat on our deck year-round, no matter the month as long as the sun is shining. It's our favourite thing, often, at the end of the day -- our picnic on the deck in mid-January...
It's so funny to read that you adore whatever season is coming on. Me too. It's always my favourite. Spring when it's springing, summer when it's getting warrrrrm, autumn when the colours start blazing and that first chill in the air, and winter when those first snowflakes fall... ALL my favourite.

Anonymous said...

My hubby & a friend made us a 7 foot long "Waltons" table from scratch when I was pregnant with #4. We love it, despite having to "explain" to older relatives about intentionally leaving the knots & wormholes... :) It was the hardest thing we had to leave behind when we were evacuated for the fire. Can't wait to see photos when yours are done.
Rebecca :)

Heather said...

Yes, Mary-sue, I love the candles in the canning jars. I just never thought to hang them from trees.

Ooh Rebecca, now I want to see photos of your table. Maybe it will inspire us. I think I need the Walton's kitchen in order for me to have a 7 ft table, that sounds lovely.

Amanda said...

Oh, I can picture it. That is beautiful wood. It is going to make a fantastic table.