Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Stuff

My folks often bring me things that they have decided to clear out. Quite often these are things from the 60s or 70s; things from my childhood that they think I might like to keep; things that have been sitting in the attic or the crawlspace for sometime, just waiting to be sorted.

Some of it I keep, most of it I pass on. This lot included bits and pieces of fabrics and crafting books. There was some more curtain panels for me to make into produce bags. I got a kick out of this book - it has the rules of pattern-cutting. Well, I'm not much one for rules on such things, but I am enjoying the pictures of the clothing.

This one went in the get rid of box but then I pulled it back out to have a closer look.

Well, it has Barbie patterns, and you never know when you might get the urge to make Barbie clothes.Or, say...a kaftan. :-)
Actually this way my favourite thing in this lot of goodies. And this, unlike the kaftan above, I will actually wear. It just needs a zipper put it. I think it must have been one that my mom made in the late 60s/early 70s??? I love the fabric and the colours.


Katherine said...

Funny how all these things are interesting to us now that we're grown ups. I love seeing this kind of stuff from the past, Heather. Now, I expect to see you wearing that dress this summer!

Samantha said...

Love that dress!

But what's wrong with the kaftan? It looks perfect for girls movie nights. Isn't she even holding a glass of wine while about to look out the window for her friends to arrive?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dress! Very summery!!
I like watching the Brady Bunch series just to see the clothes they wore and the home decor... Mrs. Brady was one stylish stay-at-home Mom :)
Rebecca :)

Amanda said...

What a beautiful dress! I love the colours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, thanks for posting your insulated jug yogurt making method. I tried it and it worked pretty well, except I made the mistake of stirring the yogurt midway through and it never set up any firmer than it was at that point. But the jug/mason jar method kept it warm and I already had everything I needed, love that! Can't wait to try the next batch.

Heather said...

Oh stirring. :-) Actually I always set it towards the back of the counter and make sure that we don't jostle it, I somehow recall reading that is should not be disturbed. I bet your next batch will turn out great.

this is my patch said...

I really like all of these finds, I love to reminisce back to the 1970s, the styles of the mini dresses are great. I don't think kaftans were the most flattering of creations though? x

JoyMar said...

Hey, I would love to have the pattern drafting book if you decide to get rid of it.

Heather said...

Hi Joyce, I gave that book to a friend shortly after writing about it. It found a good home with a wonderful seamstress. ;-)