Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Gentle Art of Domesticity

This book arrived at the library for me yesterday. Now I know that saying about never judging a book by its cover, but, in this case, as soon as I saw this book, I knew that I would like it. I've only just had time to peak through at all the pictures, and read little bits here and there so far, but it looks like a fantastic book. Of course, one thing that jumped out at me was a blurb about Sense and Sensibility. Now, because I can tell that this is my kinda book, and that the author is my kinda person, I can only assume that the following excerpt was meant in a good way - the best way, in fact. Here it is:

"Alan Rickman feeling his way round the wainscoting as he droops in love-sick agony is a little unsettling..."

Why, yes it is unsettling how endearingly kind and considerate he is of Miss Marianne (who is entirely unworthy of his affection!!) isn't it? And seeing him so desperate with worry? Afraid that he really will "run mad". I admit that I find it very unsettling too. So I can see that the author and I are very much in synch there. ;-)

* IF you have no idea what I am talking about, then check out this scene on Youtube. (you don't need to bother watching the whole 8 minutes, just fast forward to 7:12 to see the scene in question)

Anyway, I love the way this author, Jane Brocket, describes the difference between domesticity and domestication. And I love that, she too, believes that times spent doing what nurtures us -and our families- whether it is needlework, baking, gardening, painting or any other craft, is a vital part of a "life well spent." In fact, I just love that phrase and I think that if I had to do my life story in 6 words, it would be this - Mine? It's a life well spent. (because I love the way my life is and wouldn't trade any bit of it for anything) Or perhaps - Better than I could have imagined. Fun!

Oh, and here is why I say that this author is "my kinda person", when I was looking at the photos in the book, I saw this one, and wondered how on earth she had taken my picture without me noticing.
I've that same pair of socks, knitted with my own hands...and those are my knees for pretty much all of May and June - dirt-covered but happy. Then I realized that it couldn't possible be a picture of me because I never wear my hand-knit socks for serious knee-dirtying garden work. Never! So, I have to assume that there is just someone out there who is very much like me. And that is also why I have to believe that she meant her Rickman comments in the nicest way possible. :-)


Mary-Sue said...

Do you read her blog? I love it!

Amanda said...

That looks like a great book. I am off to request it at the library.. then I'll look up her blog. Thanks Mary-Sue and Heather.

this is my patch said...

I love my life too, especially when I get dirt up my fingernails, and sometimes on my knees I may add. Like Katherine before, I didn't know you ran another blog, I shall put you down on my blogroll. x

Heather said...

Mary-Sue, K told me about her blog on Saturday as we were drooling over the pictures in the book.

Louise, I love your garden pictures on your blog.(and yes, 'tis the season for dirty finger nails too)