Saturday, March 29, 2008

Composted dog poop??? Wha???

Another one of our goals for this year has been to reduce our garbage even more. We usually have the equivalent of two grocery bags - one is our household bits of plastic food packaging that are non-recyclable, the other is dog poop and cat litter. Encouraged by a friend's tale of her handmade dog poop composter (would that be a compoopster??), I decided to make one today.

We took some of the wire that was left over from our potato growing bin, wrapped it in leftover landscape fabric, and that was it. It took about 10 minutes. Our dog is on a raw diet, he eats veggie mush and raw meat with bones; his poop is white-ish and dry, rather like bone meal. (is that too much information?) I think it will compost quickly and easily without any smell. We plan to just toss it in the bin with some leaves or grass clippings. I think I might grow some flowering vine-like thing up it too. And yes, my husband does think that I am weird.We live on a pretty regular size neighbourhood lot, but I think that this is unobtrusive enough to not cause too much alarm in the 'hood. :-)

**Rebecca - those are the rescued rhodos.


Anonymous said...

I hope this works for you, Heather. We moved into a previous house, and found a mysterious "lid" at ground level in the corner of the backyard. We discovered that the previous owner had dug a hole, put a large bottomless pail in, then covered it with a lid and threw the poop in from their two HUGE dogs. The theory was that it would just disappear into the ground. UNFORTUNATELY, we ended up with a soupy stinky mess. I bugged my husband for YEARS to get rid of it. When he finally relented, he was only able to cut the barrel down lower (it was still a wretched soupy mess), fill it as much as possible with dirt and "pretend" it wasn't there. I'm not sure why it didn't work because I thought it was a pretty good idea.
Anyways, I hope you have better luck with this than we did.
Can't wait to see those rhodos bloom....
Rebecca :)

this is my patch said...

Ooh, I am not sure about a compoopster, but I do my own basic compost, see my latest post! x