Sunday, November 22, 2009

Handmade Wooden Bowls

What a week!  We've had windstorms each night.  One night we were without power (due to a tree blowing down) and had to scurry around in the dark finding our candles, headlamps and flashlights.  Another night our decking blew off.  The next day our gate buckled in the wind.  Then we lost our internet connection for a few days because the metal tower providing our connection buckled in that night's windstorm.  We seem to be limping along now with a rather tenuous connection.  Has everyone had these crazy winds?

This weekend is the first in a long time (I think the first this year) when we have not had a single thing we HAD to do.  Lovely.   The boys have been sledding and enjoying the sunshine and snow.  We also went out wandering the property for some greenery to bring in. And S...he has been working away in the shop.

How do you turn this...

into these?

(These aren't quite done but I thought they were already gorgeous enough for a photo.)

Well, if you're lucky you have a talented, lovely husband who loves to work with wood and challenge himself to learn new things.  And...if you're really lucky he also likes to bake, cook, give back rubs, looks mighty fine himself in a white shirt and knows how to make you laugh. ;-)  I am very lucky indeed.


  1. Heather, those are so gorgeous.

    I'd buy one.

  2. Our winds have been incredible as well. Probably the worst we've seen in years. I was sure that one of our big fir trees was coming down about 5am Tuesday. :(
    Rebecca :)

  3. These are wonderful! You are very lucky indeed, and not just for the handcarved bowls, *lol

  4. Rebecca, I'll tell S. If he ever decides to go into the woodworking business you'll be the first to know. Although...if I tell him then he'll probably try to convince me that he should really have a lathe (along with any other tools he can think of). ;-)

    Hi Rebecca - interesting to know it has been the same down by you. It has just been incredible here, a little scary actually, to listen to it howling and whipping round the house. Good to hear your tree is safe. ;-)

    Thanks Affectioknit, I really am impressed by the things he can do and I'm hoping that I'm on his holiday gift list. ;-)

    Thanks Leigh. I really do feel lucky, I know how to pick 'em, I tell you. ;-)